What is Growbox? It is pretty much a box containing oyster mushroom seeds that can be cultivated by anyone, anywhere, and anytime. You can feel a new experience by having your own small mushroom garden. Within two to four weeks, with easy maintenance, mushrooms will grow and you can harvest for your consumption. One Growbox is ready for four months, and it can be harvested up to three to four times. These Oyster Mushrooms are easy to grow and very adaptive. They can live in many different ecosystem like mountains, forest, fields, and urban area.

Currently for its 2014 product catalogue, Growbox is offering five types of oyster mushrooms, such white oyster that is high in potassium yet have a low sodium ratio, pink oyster that is a good source of antioxidant, blue oyster that is a good source of glucosamine (used as a compound for treating joint problems), yellow oyster that is good for diabetics, and last but not least the Auricularia auricula that is good to prevent and inhibit blood clotting process. Are you interested now? If so all of their products can be purchase now through their official site at halogrowbox.com.

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