Jazz Gunung, a musical event that will be held outdoor and set in the mountains of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru will be present its seventh year on June 12th and 13th 2015. Similar with the previous event, Jazz Gunung will features several local jazz musicians and from abroad with a variety of flavors. In addition, this event will incorporates Indonesian ethnic music with modern music that is consistent with the purpose and spirit of the Jazz Gunung that carried since it was first held, namely to increase appreciation of the Indonesian ethnic jazz music.

This year Jazz Gunung will be held at an apen stage called Java Banana in Bromo, East Java. It will be two-day event that features several acts, such as traditional act Kramat Madura, a collaboration of musicians from Yogyakarta Jay and Gatra Wardaya along with two musicians from South Korea, Indonesian-born guitarist Yuri Jo who now resides in Australia performing with her group Yuri Jo Collective, Ring of Fire that led by Djaduk Ferianto who collaborated with the keroncong singer Endah Laras and guitarist Tohpati, Tulus, Ina Ladies by Happy Pretty, Beben Jazz And Friends, Malacca Ensemble which combines music Melayu and modern music, Nita Aartsen Quatro collaborated with musicians from Mexico Ernesto Castillo, and popular amongst social media users, Andien.

There is not much of a stage or event that offers natural beauty of Indonesia and warm atmosphere between people, nature, and music other than Jazz Gunung. Imagine enjoying music in outdoor environment with the fresh cool air while occasionally accompanied by a light mist that fell right in front of the eyes. Sometimes, you can also listen to the “orchestra” and insects or any natural wildlife that are “singing” right around you. This event will definitely blow your mind! In addition to enjoy the event, visitors could also contribute or giving back your kindness to nature through several activities, together Sahabat Bromo. This kind of routine activities will be performed by Sahabat Bromo that aims to introduce the concept of ecotourism in Bromo tourism, through nature conservation and understanding the environment, in order to maintained positive attitude and economic impact on surrounding communities.

With Jazz Gunung, the main organizer is expected to see Bromo region not only as a place to see the sunrise, but to experience the sounds of Jazz and lead tourists from local and abroad to explore more and keeping Bromo eco-friendly area that can lead or provide a useful economic droplets to the surrounding community. Jazz Gunung was first held in 2009 by Sigit Pramono, a banker and photographer who loves Bromo and jazz music. Butet Kartaredjasa and Djaduk Ferianto, two versatile artist, also the first people who supported Jazz Mountains in the beginning. The three of them have a vision to increase appreciation of ethnic jazz music, adding value to the tourism on the mountain, and make this event as one cultural arts festival to mainstay the tourism programs in Indonesia within the international community.

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