Continuing our pursuit of providing the most updated and curated information about local brands, we also do not want to miss the chance to expose more of Indonesian local artists and musicians. This week’s #NEIGHBOURTUNES spotlight goes to: BARASUARA.

After the release of their debut album “TAIFUN” back on October 2015, the band that consists of six talented musicians Iga Massardi, Marco, Asteriska, Gerald, TJ and Putri Chitara, is consistently climbing up over tight live performance demands and other work-related schedules. Not only in Jakarta, Barasuara is now packed with gigs all over the country starting from Bandung up to Jogjakarta. The overflowing attention from their listeners proves that their music deserves the appreciation.

Barasuara is known for their well-juxtaposed poetic lyrics combined with “explosive” music arrangement that can enhance the energy of their band members, which later might ignite the energy of their listeners. Their music is meant to connect the ones playing to the ones listening, which might be the reason why watching them performing live feels a lot more satisfying.

Purchase their debut album ‘Taifun’, now available on iTunes, or visit their official website for further information.

#NEIGHBOURTUNES: Barasuara Combines Poetic Lyrics with Explosive Music
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