Having troubles removing stains from your garments? Spot On has an answer to that question. This start-up local business that was launched back in early 2016 is growing fast as it offers a useful and convenient set of stain removers. To recover garments – be it from food, beverages or any other accidental mess – from stains is Spot On’s main objective.

Its stain remover is made from the right mixture of ingredients and packed conveniently in a simple Spray Carry – On bottle. The small size that fits in your bag and pocket allows you to bring it anywhere, in case, for instance, you spill coffee on your shirt. Available in a very affordable price, you can get one of these stain removers and keep your shirts clean by visiting their Instagram account here. The solution, practical and safe – it’s definitely Spot On.

Spot On Introduces On-The-Spot Stain Remover
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