Founded in 2013, Brand New Colony has a big dream to make unisex bag into the world which is focusing on sense of affordability. They push the boundaries of classic and good unisex design at the accessible prices. Over the years, the team has grown and expanded to present their product overseas. Even though, Bedjodian, the founder of BNC and the creative director still guide their team to hold on their founding ambition. Still looking at their products, some of the products show which gender’s side they are leaning on even it is not so obvious.

Brand New Colony confidently sends up cheerful and minimalist design on the products ranging from sling bag, hand bag, shoulder bag, tote bag, waist bag, and many others. By giving new look on your style, its gives you freedom to appear in the fresh one. Their website and feed are always there to give you more ideas.

Brand New Colony Gives You Fresh Look with Unisex Bag
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