Indonesia is definitely climbing up the economy wall with their local businesses. With so many start-ups and developing local brands in hand, sooner or later Indonesia will be able to join the fun of competing in the international market, with the best local brands standing proudly amidst it.

Before diving into the international market, however, local brands need to compete against one another in order for the country and the local consumers to decide which one of them is the best. This leads us to one question:

How should they compete?

There are no boundaries set in starting a business. If you launch a product today, a similar product might be launched just a few hours afterward. If you promote your product by paying influencers to advertise for you, they will make a dedicate post for your competitor just a few minutes after. The point is, the number of local brands within the country is starting to grow surprisingly very quick. This would affect both producers and consumers in many ways, because consumers will not be able to decide which brand is supposed to be leading, while producers take a hard time in deciding which strategy they should use to lead.

Promotion, of course, is one of the most critical things for a business to focus on. Without it, even the most recommended product wouldn’t even make it to the ears of consumers. It is not something to be questioned for if nowadays we see a lot of local brands trying to promote their products in a way they can be heard. Campaigns, bazaars, shout-outs, advertising. They try everything in order to enhance the awareness of their brands. But then again, would this be enough?

Heavy promotions might not be the only answer to this overflowing questions, because, repeating what we have said, the number of local brands within the country is starting to grow surprisingly very quick. On top of that, the fields where they can be planted on are staying in the same amount. This would cause similar products to be commonly found. Fewer aspects would be able to differentiate one product with another. Consumers will then buy brand that they see first, without actually considering which one is better.

This is where local brands need to be extremely creative. They need to bring out new ideas and innovations. They need to challenge themselves to improve their products in a way they could finally be seen different from the others. This is just exactly where local brands need to re-explore themselves and get to know more of their brands before portraying it through their products.

To local brands, striving to be innovative or increasing awareness are not options. These two aspects are juxtaposed and supposed to be done respectively. What local brands need to do now is to prove themselves that they deserve to lead, before telling the world the reasons behind it. What do you think?

Local Brands: To Be Innovative or To Enhance Promotions?
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