What Does It Takes To Be A Local Brand?

A sudden trend in the local communities is to open up a business that focuses on the brand’s image and the quality of its products. Locally made products are now being nudged more than ever and the trend sparks up more variation of style. While Indonesian starts to encourage themselves to buy local, many of the brands just straight up copycats. It’s disrespectful and just plain stupid to do such a thing. The question arises concerning the lack of maturity in this country, to what stake does locals understand the meaning of local?

To define what is local is to not embrace on where it’s made. Every cloth and accessories can be made anywhere, there’s no value in that regard. Local means to elaborate the complexity of one’s culture into something simple, like the word “local” itself. As a designer or a fashion business owner in Indonesia, every collection made should have taken into consideration on how it translates into their respective audiences.

Wherever the inspiration comes from, whether its western jeans like Levi’s or clean-slick design such as Supreme, every Indonesian local brand should implement their own vision of what Indonesian should wear and what it supposed to be.


What Does It Takes To Be A Local Brand?
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