There are so many words in Bahasa Indonesia that can be juxtaposed to create beautiful sentences and to express one’s thoughts. This idea brings Yajugaya to present endless series of T-shirts with word plays embedded on its front, representing what youth nowadays feel or think.

The words are creatively sided to one another, making a whole new impact on the simple shirt that is only available in black and white. Yajugaya tries to keep words we only say to the shirts we always wear. Their works are currently happening in the society with some of their best-selling tees being “Bangun! Tidur selamanya bisa nanti dan pasti terjadi”, “Mampu(s) tanpamu”, “Mau tapi ma lu” and “Minim Alis”. More about them here.

Yajugaya Plays with Words in Black and White T-Shirts
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