Everything has been told, the story of Keenan Pearce as #CowoSabi in dealing with the pressure of being creative through people’s expectation, Chicco Jericho as #CowoKalem in being that low-key guy yet surprises everyone with his actions and Arifin Putra as #CowoKelas that matures in quality, setting a defined value in everything he does. This untold story presented by Axelerate The Series showed a lot of valuable lessons that men should deeply understand.

#CowoSabi has both a daring soul and a creative mind that helps him through his daily routines of dealing pressure from clients that challenge his skillset. The adventure that he found in Bali while searching for an inspiration has made him realize that the world has its own way of making us unnerved and astounded. Focusing on the little things and be involve in it should be our daily endeavor, being grateful and thankful for everything that surrounds us.

#CowoKelas dismantle every bit of his life in making everything with value-dependant actions. While it does not mean living a lavish and luxurious life, he portrays it through his classy style and daily actions that devoted on living in tight with significance. The boldness to take the risk that compromises his society-defined character would lead him to another success story that exceeds his previous one. When your surroundings are opposing you, questioning your train of thought, you’ll start to doubt yourself. Trust yourself and take the risk, challenge yourself to move forward – that is the only way out.

#CowoKalem moves subtly through every scene just because he knows what he’s doing. When his life has been everyone else’s dream, he’ll be challenged by everyone when he moves to an uncertain role in life. But it;s not his dream. His high level of confident pushes him to break through the stigma and shocks everyone with the outcome. It’s his relentlessness to settle in on one success that measures the things he has done. The small daring steps that he takes would lead him to find the biggest decision that would change the course of his life.

To sum it up, your character could be defined in so many ways. The three characters shown by AXE is just an example for you to be adventurous in finding your character and be progressive throughout your life. Mute all the sounds that are bugging you, focus on yourself and never be satisfied. The journey is beginning, take a head start.

Axelerate The Series: What You Should Know
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