Warpwreft is dropping another bomb this season with its latest drop, the Superior 11 & 12, dubbed the Early American Denim for their light weight and Rough Selvedge for the mid-heavy weight. They’re pushing a comfortable and less stress fabric to give some owner a more neat and clean look for the holidays. The Superior 11 only weighs 13.5oz with peach line selvedge line and unsanforized. As for the Superior 12 that weighs 17oz and sanforized which would stay rigid in a day’s work. Both comes with a Japanese deer skin patch in a tobacco tanned color to match the masculine look of Warpwreft initial color of Dark Indigo.

The Superior 11 & 12 is now available for preorder as Warpwreft only produce its denim with a personal touch of its own. Hit their feed here for a more detailed look on Warpwreft latest invention.

Warpwreft is Dropping their latest Superior 11 & Superior 12
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