Alongside the rapid development of the local industry, brands from all over the country have been competing in pursuing their vision as they strive to be the pioneer among the others. Businesses, especially on the leather-based industry, have been created and launched as merely a source of profit; only a few runs theirs to express art, passion and creativity. Concurrent to the massive numbers of leather-good brands peeping on the surface of the market, here are our 5 picked brands that stand on the platform with remarkable characteristic and conveyance of true passion:

1. Revolt Industry
Its name must have been known worldwide for Revolt industry pursues the slow living movement by crafting each of its leather piece with passionate artisans’ hands. They are persistence in working hard to provide high quality Javanese cowhide and impeccable hand-sewn goods; its values directly outputted to each limited handmade items you can purchase for your own needs and satisfaction.

2. Howler
Writings are essentially the best way to nurture one’s creativity and Howler is bringing new comforts in modern, minimalist leather design notebook. A simple uncut leather and a perfect bound binding uplift the premium vibes it surely gives. A bundle of high-quality paper also shreds the vintage feel in each notes writ. Using natural leather tones, Howler submits its philosophy to ignite young minds as the brand intends to push a new level of literacy for its market.

3. Braow
Enlivening the competitive market of leather goods production, Braow Goods surfaces with its craftsmanship that features a variety of classic vegetable tanned leather products for the customers. Focusing on the timelessness outlook of the goods, all products are individually hand made and hand stitched, ensuring its durability and quality.This emerging local brand offers something beyond just leather goods, but more of creativity and exploration.

4. Meraki
Here’s to you, women, who are in search of a high quality bag made of 100% leather and traditional handmade fabrics, sourced locally from Indonesia. With its materials being hand-picked and carefully checked, Meraki ensures that every single piece comes with no defects and appears as a functionally sophisticated bag. Their products are crafted with soul and love, concurrent to the name of their brand, “Meraki”, which in Greek means literally to create something with soul, love, and creativity.

5. Viel
And here’s to wrap things up – a fellow local brand coming from the widely-known pioneer Voyej – Viel. Made especially for ladies, Viel provides a line of products with the same trademark that Voyej offers, where each product is a form of prudent design with simple yet aesthetic concept in mind to create not only a functional product but one that is contemporary and enduring.

Several names mentioned above represent local brands that hold something beyond than just looking-for-profit. Hit us up on the comment section and tell us what you think.

5 Names of Local Leather-Good Brands Representing Art, Passion, and Creativity
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