It’s easy to grab a brands neck and follow through their establishment finding their only goal is to make profits. Only a few brands still stand firm in their values portrayed through their collections. Many failed to pick up their belief and just sail through the major governance of modern street trends and ride it off until their famous enough.

Against Lab showcase a brand that transcribes this model and still persevere their original purpose. Designed to be a contemporary fashion label and a multidisciplinary creative entity, this Malaysian brand creates beyond the constraint of fashion and pursue a substantial meaning to its goods. This evolves the simple approach of a clothing brand to be more significant for everyone to wear. Through every collaboration and collections that they published, Against Lab approached it to decent a lifestyle that they really believed in.

Against Lab is hinting us a surprise drop over the weeks, so hit up their official feed to keep you notified or just go straight to their online store to tackle their goods.

photograph by Kevin Kristhian/The Neighbour Club.

Against Lab: Creating Beyond The Constraints of Fashion
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