After grouping up with Sourire and establishing a store they named Looc Store (that you can explore more about here), Manjze has finally returned to town concurrently to the launch of their MONKEY BOOTS Edition. These utterly comfortable boots were said to be made famous during the WWII as infantry shoes of the Czechoslovakian army. Nowadays, they remain popular among certain fashion circles for their adopted “roofer” style work boots design.

Like Havehad’s goods, Manjze’s Monkey Boots are very comfortable to wear on daily occasion, only this appears like the casual boots version. With very well-made details, the brand managed to come back with a very interesting and satisfying new line of product. This new release of mid-cut Monkey Boots features pull-up leather upper for black and navy blue, and full-grain leather upper for burgundy.


Putting that side, Manjze is still up with their previous collection prior to the release of Monkey Boots: The Captoe Brogues. Although on the first try, these pairs aren’t as comfortable as the new ones, the collection still showcases interesting details and good build quality. Captoe Brogues might need some time to flex, but for semi-rugged casual boots choices, Manjze is probably one of the best alternatives you have in town.

These boots are rendered from pull-up leather upper for black and navy blue, and full-grain leather upper for burgundy and completed with perforated traditional broguing. They’re set on resilient Rubber heels soles for grip on slippery surfaces and finished with latex foot-bed for comfort and convenience.

On the other side, Manjze takes repair services that will suit your needs. Our all time favorite everyday shoes, Ranger 910, were recently repaired by Manjze with excellent outcome. Potentials are hanging up high, so we look forward for this brand to keep their consistency and keep contributing to the local scene by releasing more extraordinary collections.

MANJZE: A Closer Look To Monkey and Captoe Brogues Boots
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