Day three of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2017: 10 Years of Fashion was somewhat very diverse. From the three presentations, you can see that each brand or designer has their own design language and fashion genre. Even one brand delivered a positive message and using the momentum to spread it.

The Goods Dept.

Their 2017 Spring/Summer campaign was all about embracing womanhood and empowerment. Rabbel-Rouser as what they called it was a collaborative collection with renowned local brands and designers which were Aesthetic Pleasure, Tam Illi, Wilsen William, Verv, and others. The Goods Dept. also had selected four female artists and designers to customize four leather jackets with women empowerment messages that had been auctioned last week.

It was a fine concept, using fashion for a good cause. Especially with the funky and audacious styles and designs of the pieces, not to mention the hip environment that they created thanks to the proper choice of songs and spunk graphics on the screen. Even though some pieces weren’t necessarily match the whole personality and theme of the brand and the show, it was one of the highlight of day three show.

Alleira Batik

Another high-end Batik brand which was taking part on Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2017. Presenting their Luminous collection, their pieces were ornamented with meticulous spring-inspired details and dazzling colors. Even with modern designs, as there were a lot of familiar models such as jumpsuit, culottes, tunics, and many more, Alleira still holding tight to the traditional roots by using handcrafted Batik on their pieces.

Amanda Rahardjo

From a glance, the Outline collection looked very minimalist and neutral. Everything was simple, neat, and basic. Frankly, there is not much to say about it other than its complex stitching technique that wasn’t necessarily visible. Black, white, grey, and dark dusty blue were the four dominant colours that were applied to these clean-cut pieces.

It’s a wrap for the day three recap of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2017. More designers and more collections recaps are coming so keep your eyes on our page.

Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 Recap on Day 3 of 6
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