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Continuing to increase its presence in the world of travel-ware and expand organically from its core products, Japan-based Lojel has dropped four new bag lines. As each range is built with a specific purpose in mind, the brand release the 2017 Collection, focuses specifically on what sparks the adventure, and how the adventure changes you. Seen in the lookbook, the 2017 collection is showcasing the four series; Casual, Flex, Luxe and Urban.

The Casual series designed to match street wear, casual clothing, and the unrestrained traveler; emphasized a colorful chic. Flex is effortlessly and stylishly made for business and leisure, giving them a smooth gliding urethane wheels to move easily in both spheres. For formal and polished, the Luxe series comes with a detailing designed, allows you to show well in business or some grand occasions. And finally, the Urban series is a perfect city companion for the metropolitan travelers. Appears with several articles like Cubo, Kozmos, Groove, Tago, Navigo and Urbo, the series’ include staples like luggage, backpacks, duffle bags, briefcases, messenger bags, and tote bags.

Browse the complete range of the 2017 Collection on Lojel’s website by clicking here.

Travelware Specialist LOJEL Drops Its 2017 Collection Lookbook
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