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Start off by releasing “Belahan Jantungku” single during her pregnancy last year, one of Indonesia’s favorite singer Andien Aisyah took Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace to premier the “Belahan Jantungku Talk Show” last week. Having come a long way collaborating with her husband, Andien and Irfan Wahyudi or famously called Ippe were inspired to held a conversational about pregnancy and parenting. With the aim to create a beneficial influence through the “Belahan Jantungku Vol.1” talk show, the conversation touched upon subjects like Gentle Birth which set to be the main topic, pregnancy procedure, childbirth, and how to become a loving and caring parent. Aside from Andien and her husband that will be chit-chatting about their journey of being parents, the talk show also includes an educational parenting discussion from Irma Syahrifat and Reza Gunawan. Not only available in particular place, Belahan Jantungku Talk Show will also accessible to watched on YouTube soon. Check out Andien’s Instagram to see some updates.

Andien Aisyah Speaks Up All About Parenting At "Belahan Jantungku" Talk Show
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