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There are many definitions of the right travel companion but one thing for sure, a luggage is one of the most important travel companions for you, dynamic travelers. With that in mind, take a look at Lojel Indonesia’s latest compact luggage, The Pilot Case. Under the Kozmos Series, The Pilot Case offers the combination of durable lightweight magnesium material with prestigious metallic-brushed design of premium suitcase, all without the fussiness of handling an inconvenient huge suitcase.

A compact suitcase like this is usually associated with business travelling, but think beyond that premise. Lojel Indonesia themselves crafted this suitcase out of the advent space tourism as their inspirations. Hence, you can definitely do more things, explore more experiences and excitements, and travel the world with The Pilot Case.

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Imagine that you are an aspiring photographer who often travel and have a very high mobility. As a photographer, you want a carrier to store all your photography gears and also your daily belongings during your travels. However what if you are all about travelling in style and don’t want to use a stodgy backpack carrier to put all your things? The Pilot Case can fulfil your wants.

Despite the compact size, The Pilot Case has the ability to contain all of your equipment and belongings in its 38L compartment safely and worry-free as it has the advanced TSA Inter-locking Mechanism Lock System to ensure the security of your precious belongings. Also, with The Easy Access Front Compartment feature, you don’t need to worry about missing unexpected moments during your trips as you can easily grab your 15″ laptop to store all those moments.

Dragging The Pilot Case everywhere is also not a big deal as the low-gravity feel Dual Wheels System will make everything smooth and hassle-free. There’s one scenario, but The Pilot Case is highly dynamic and flexible which means whoever you are, if you are an active light traveller, Lojel Kozmos Pilot Case can be your reliable and upscale travel companion. More specifications, feature descriptions, and other line of products on the Kozmos Series collection can be accessed on their website by clicking this link and see their Instagram page, here, to see evidences of Instagram-worthy posts with Lojel Indonesia’s suitcases on your hand.

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