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Semarang-based label Peculiar Friends constantly remain true to their original visions season after season, expressing their interpretations on style and existing in a space beyond what is considered mainstream. The brand serves to represent the idea of post-modern streetwear with its unisex collections. Recently, Peculiar Friends return with 2017 spring/summer collection that delivers a lineup of though, punkish looks on each of the pieces. Titled “Unruled“, the collection seemingly inspired by the idea of rebellion which is expressed in the designs of its collection.

The graphic-heavy collection includes a selection of streetwear staples such as t-shirts, crewnecks, coach jackets. As a second delivery of the “Unruled” collection, Peculiar Friend is adding a touch of the eccentric by teaming up with headwear brand DBLC to produce a collaborative dad caps. Titled “Frenemy”, the caps are available in a vivid color palette such as black, gray, and navy blue which features a “Not Your Friend” typo-graph stitching at the front. However, Peculiar Friend has successfully delivered yet another comprehensive collection of a bold streetwear looks. If you might want to take a look, head over to Peculiar Friend’s Instagram here.

Peculiar Friend Delivers a Rebel Attitude in Its Unruled Collection
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