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Believing that painting is one of the productive way to set free your distressed-mind as well as intensify your creativity, Arti Paintbar is here to provide you a different way to untangled away from the hectic situation in Jakarta. Located at Gading Serpong, Arti Paintbar encompasses a minimalist refurbished room with a wide-open space that seemed to be a right place for you to be creatives to congregate.

With only IDR 300K, you will get a 3 hour painting session like freestyle, masterclass painting, and guided session that will also leaded by skilled instructors to direct you step-by-step into creating an artwork. Moreover, painting supplies are also provided as well as snacks and beverages for you to enjoy. Arti Paintbar is a perfect space that allows everyone to paint in a relax environment. If you are looking for a productive activities during your break time or holiday, make sure to visit Arti Paintbar at the address below.

Photo source: Manual Jakarta

Arti Paintbar
One PM Lifestyle Building
Jalan Boulevard Gading Serpong Blok M5 No 17 – 18
1A Floor, Serpong, Banten

Arti Paintbar Provides A Creative Way To Escape From Hectic Situation
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