There are two types of people in this world. A hopeless romantic and a realist. Even from the names, you can already make assumptions and categorize yourself onto one of the stereotypes, and if you think you’re a hopeless romantic, the movie we’re about to discuss is a must-watch for your soul.

Critical Eleven, one of the most anticipated movies of the year, was premiered last May 10th 2017. It was produced based on a best-selling local novel with the same title written by Ika Natassa, starring two uprising casts, Reza Rahardian as Aldebaran Risjad and Adinia Wirasti as Tanya Baskoro. Unfolding the complicated marriage life of these two main characters, Critical Eleven was said to bring tears to the edge of its viewers’ eyes.

In some ways or another, the movie might be too overwhelmingly “cheesy”, especially when you have no idea how the plot on the book had gone. People who have read the book could probably relate all the way throughout the movie. They would think that Rahardian and Wirasti did a very good job in making the characters come to life. Despite so, some scenes would still make the tips of your fingers cringe to the point that it might annoy you.

On the other side, it is true that Rahardian and Wirasti’s performances need the special spotlight. They represented Ale and Anya very well as shown on the chemistry they both portrayed during the whole film. The love that Ale and Anya shared, as told in the book, was seen very clearly through the acting of these two talented entertainers. They turned the characters alive and they let the viewers relate to them completely. They are certainly the key to the beauty of Critical Eleven.

Hopeless romantics, Critical Eleven is surely your cup of tea. Realists, you might want to try this movie out as a way to escape from reality once in a while. Do spare a time to catch it while it lasts on cinemas.

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