Located in the middle of a packed neighbourhood in Bima Street, Bandung, the 160 square meters Bima Microlibrary is Dompet Dhuafa’s answer to the decline of interests in reading books and also the increasing rate of school dropouts and illiteracy rate. It is an independently operated library whose taken place in an ultra-modern and environmentally friendly construction which was established by SHAU Bandung architecture firm.


It was built on a pre-existing stage that was already used for several local events previously. The base is a simple box of steel and concrete but in order to make the façade stands out and still maintain an environmentally friendly aspect to the building, they found used plastic ice cream tubes which were reused to decorate the façade while acting as ventilations to keep the indoor climate enjoyable and circulating.


2000 ice cream tubes were used and adopting the philosophy of buku adalah jendela dunia or books are the windows to the world by Mayor of Bandung and one of the major supporters of this construction, Ridwan Kamil, the tubes were placed in a form of a binary code that not only it is implying the noble message but also to provide a pleasant natural indoor lighting as the tubes scatter natural sunlight and act as natural lightbulbs. The building has received many positive feedbacks from many people especially residences of the neighbourhood.

For further exploration you can take a look at these pictures of the building that were taken by Sanrok Studio.

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