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Aiming to support the traditional art culture of Indonesia, fashion designer Oscar Lawalata is gaining success with his “I Am Indonesian” campaign since 2016. Started off with two previous events “100 Perempuan Inspiratif Indonesia” and “100 Pekerja Seni Indonesia“, the third series of Oscar Lawalata’s “I Am Indonesian” project – “Kembalikan Batik Kembali” is an exclusive exhibition that focuses on supporting the beauty of Indonesia’s most popular traditional wax-resistant dyeing technique. Placing at The Dharmawangsa Hotel, the event is highlighting three types of classical batik such as tanahan, sogan and prada fabrics which are facing an extinction due to the lack of awareness. Moreover, traditional fabrics which made by up to 30 batik makers are installed from the ceiling – allowing the visitors to embrace the beauty of batik through its difference pattern and motifs. The visitors are also allowed to purchase several popular motifs such as parang, truntum, kaum, and garuda. Check out the images above and make sure you don’t miss another exhibition from “I Am Indonesian” project.

Photo source: Manual Jakarta

"Kembalikan Batik Kembali" Exhibition As The Third Series Of Oscar Lawalata's "I Am Indonesian" Project
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