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Since it was established in 2014, local brand KOMMA The Label has emphasized a thought of believing to never stop creating as much as how fashion evolves through the time. The Jakarta-based label produces some of the goods with unique combination to adapt and conclude each of their creator’s signature style without leaving the personality of its fabric, cutting and pattern that become the major needs of completing the whole look.

Combining the simplicity, yet understated and edgy at the same time, KOMMA is showing their sides of personality in producing garments, which wearable according to any occasion. This season, they are offering you some of their newest collection which available for mens and womens that comes with a various range of looks, styles, and fits. An injection of monochromatic color as well as loose cutting and minimalist design appear in the majority of the pieces.  Have a scroll through their collection on Instagram and purchase them at Bobobobo, LocalBrand, and Peoples Project.

Komma The Label Latest Collection: A Minimalist Chic Done Right
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