It’s been two years since the release of their first single “Void” as it was also followed by “Wave“, “Myself” and “False Alarm“. Finally, Bandung shoegaze-band Heals has officially launched their first album, Spectrum. Fans will remember, the band that consisting of Alyuadi Febryansyah (Vocal/Guitar), Reza Arinal (Vocal/Guitar), Muhammad Ramdhan (Guitar), Octavia Variana (Vocal/Drum), and Adi Reza (Drum) share an amazing chemistry where a funky instrumentals wave fluidly between the versus of personal stories and connected ideas. With production handled by FFWD Records, the music is more emotive, melodic and a bit punkish. Heals also provides an official video of “False Alarm” which can be seen above. Stream the new album and follow their Instagram for more updates.

Listen To Heals First Album, "Spectrum"
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