Seahoarse 1 We are finally seeing the long-awaited return of Jogjakarta-based indie pop band Seahoarse who already making waves back in 2015. After releasing a new track not too long ago, Seahoarse has finally revealed their latest album. Entitled “Magical Objects“, the delivery is a rasping concoction of abundant synths entwined with vocals from lead vocalist Gisela Swaradita. Under the heel of Kolibri Rekords, this album contains ten guitar-driven, reverb-drenched pop tracks including the two lead singles “Cricket Choir” and “Apprentice” – also a set of hand-drawn artworks done carefully by our very own Ratta Bill. “Magical Objects” is available for pre-order until May 31. For further information, check out Seahoarse’s Instagram and stream the track below.

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