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Jakarta-based label Locale serves to represent the idea of trending streetwear which is simple yet fascinating as well. For the current spring/summer season, Locale Womens constructs an eclectic lineup brimming with a monochromatic color scheme, styles, and fits. The label combines distinct outdoor and activewear influences whilst retaining certain streetwear sensibilities. Titled “Locale Womens 06”, the brand shares a glimpse at what to expect with their latest collection – as always, it’s a testament to the cozy with a sports vibes.

Straying away from the trendy pastel colors, these garments arrive either in black, beige, army green and white. The “Locale Womens 06” collection also continues to build on this notion with relaxed silhouettes and quality construction. Emphasizing its clean and bold aesthetic, the new range sees a lineup of cropped hoodies, t-shirts, long sleeves, loose trousers. Star item in the collection includes an off-white oversized hoodie with a visual graphic of the brand’s logo written on the backside. All in all, the “Locale Womens 06” collection provides a street style and sporty wear which also perfect for comfortable everyday wear. Right now, the collection is available to be purchased online here or shop directly at The Goods Dept branches.

Locale Womens' Newest Collection Defines Relaxed Sophisticated Streetwear
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