In order to challenge millennial generation’s perspective, Trivet Sembel determined to create a young movement community called Proud Project in order to encourage the youth of Indonesia to do things differently. As the new-age trendsetters, social media influencers have huge pull on people’s behavior, especially the youth. Hence, Proud Project start off on Instagram in which they were interviewing various people with different background from fashion designer like Chitra Subyakto, on-rising CEO and musician like Oka Mahendra to an economist like Faisal Basri, fitness master – Ade Rai and even random people on the street to share their motivational stories.

Proud Project believes that to make an enormous improvement is to inspire the youth of Indonesia to break their boundaries. Not only Instagram, Proud Project also took to YouTube to package their content with comedy and casual conversation videos. The conversation touch up upon subjects like how to be success, Jakarta gubernatorial election, or even some of the most trending controversial topic. Not limited only on online resources, Proud Project also provide some offline events, which is a biweekly event in collaboration with Conclave, and a quarterly event that they called “Proud Live“. Head over to Proud Project’s Instagram to see more insights.

Proud Project As A Movement To Inspire Millennials To Break Their Boundaries
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