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Raccoon and babies
Raccoon and babies
We’ve seen a lot of expensive-looking yet understated gold jewelry but had nowhere to trace it back to. Based in Bali, Raccoon and Babies is a playfully refined, up-and-coming jewelry brand influenced by art, photography and toys. Engaging in 3D printing technology and traditional jewelry making techniques, the brand offers a selection of playfully sophisticated jewelry with refined, subtle details.

This spring, the band has revealed its latest collection, CHOMP that was inspired by 1980’s most influential video game. Still showcasing its characteristic of clean and elegant design, this collection is all vintage looking which consists of a multi-way necklace, rings and a selection of earrings. Each piece is entirely handcrafted with sterling silver construction and focuses on simplicity, forcing the understated to transpose into the bold. Browse the intrinsic lookbook above, and shop the collection here.

Raccoon And Babies Is The Jewelry Brand That Belongs On Your Radar
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