BOOKABUKU first appeared on August 2016 with the hopes of solving the book distribution problem in Indonesia. Noticing how low the country’s literacy rate and reading culture are, BOOKABUKU started the journey of their one-of-a-kind online platform.

The brand comes in a form of a website where people can lend and borrow books from any genre. Lenders will effortlessly profit by receiving passive income from the books they’re willing to share, and borrowers will, in return, receive the knowledge and privilege of borrowing books in low prices. The brand, comprising of young graduates from a local university, is also expanding the platform through coffee shops and creative spaces including From Our Friends, BSD; Kafe Kurator, Bintaro; EV Hive, BSD and Workroom, Cikini. You can start sharing knowledge and inspirations by heading off to Bookabuku, lend your books or borrow some.

BOOKABUKU: Enriching Life of Nation Through a Single Platform
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