Just like the usual, another music-abundant week has rolled by. We’ve been curated a lot of acoustic and slow-tempo music last week and in this week’s playlist, we will get you well and truly ready for another weekday bound of yours. As the long holiday is coming up just in a few days away, we’ve curated a bunch of folk musics to give you a good vibes and keep you stay in a good mood. Tune in below and get eclectic with select cuts from the likes of Silampukau, Banda Neira, Nosstress, Float and many more. With a hit of haunting acoustic guitar, slight reverb, poignant lyrics, building drums and impressive vocals, this week’s playlist encapsulates the folk artist’s ensnaring sound and continues on with the blueprint that listeners have come to know and love. No more bad days, just sit back, relax and kick it along to these tunes.

#NEIGHBOURTUNES This Week: What We're Listening To
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