We have gathered a lots of chill R&B, hip-hop and deep house vibes on the previous playlists. This week, a nostalgic 90’s and early of 2000 tracks will instantly put you in a good mood through the whole week. As 90’s and 2000’s was the golden era of many genres especially slow jams and R&B, we might even say that they were the best year of all music ever. Spearheading this week’s selection, is a beat of hip hop and R&B from 2Pac, Blackstreet, Montell Jordan, Beastie Boys, completed with another catchy tracks from N’Sync, Destiny Child, and more. Maybe you had a hectic workload or you’re stuck in traffic, but either ways, tune in to this week’s playlist below and have a good weekdays!

#NEIGHBOURTUNES This Week: What We're Listening To
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