Not about that monochrome life, a Malang-based young artist Karmalonia (real name Lindri Suryaning Dinar) graces her followers’ Instagram feed with her vibrant psychedelic illustrations. Her multicolored drawings are irresistibly endearing and eye-catching. As a recent follower of her, I was almost instantly drawn to her posts. I contacted her and the quirky artist agreed to have a chat with me via LINE messenger. It was hard not to like the artist behind the art; she greeted me warmly and answered anything I asked her.
Lindri chose the name Karmalonia from the word ‘Karma’ and ‘Lonia’ combined to form a philosophical meaning. She then proceeded to explain what being ‘Karmalonia’ means to her.

“Everything we do will come back to us, the good and bad, and karma exists, I alone will be responsible for every decision I make. The point is to be independent and strong.”

– Karmalonia (2017)

She creates art while instilling kindness in this fucked up world. She strives to connect with everyone, but faces difficulties in expressing herself with a direct communication channel. Through visual art, however, she is able to communicate her interests, dislikes, dreams, or anything she wants to say but have no words for, basically. When asked to describe herself in one sentence, she replied with (word for word), “I thoughtI’m weirdo”.

She has been delving into the world of art ever since elementary school but only after attending university at Universitas Malang she started getting a bit more serious about it. She uses paper, digital printing, canvas or whatever she can get her hands on for her art and sometimes does pottery. She is constantly inspired by her surroundings (“house, plants, psychedelic, my life,” she said) along with other artists like Alexandra Levasseur, Nuria Tamarit, Jordi Ros, and many more. She recommends our Neighbours (including you) to look up Yujin Sick’s Instagram.

Check out her favorite works below:


Recently, she got into self-portrait art. “I am the closest object that I can draw. I know my gestures very well and stuff like that,” she explains with a ‘heheheh’ (a lot of ‘heheheh’ was incorporated in her replies).
One of the peaks of her journey in creating art, according to her, was being invited to Bloom National Festival 2016 in London, U.K. to collaborate with other international artists. Apart from that, she is more personally satisfied when she gets to organize her own exhibitions.

In conclusion, talking with her and enjoying her art make me feel saturated with youth (even though I am not that old.) At the end of the day, a picture is worth a thousand words and I can’t possibly explain with accuracy how lively her art makes me feel. Make sure you click this link after reading this article and feast on the psychedelia on her Instagram.

Let me know what you think of her and if you want me to review any of her works on Neighbourlist!

Karmalonia: A Psychedelic Artsy Damsel of Instagram
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