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Linean has always been known for its use of oversized linen garments in most of their collections from the previous season. Having just established earlier this year, the brand has unveiled their Women’s collection which shows a line of sleek and sophisticated cuts in a monochromatic color scheme. The latest “Iswara” collection draws inspiration from the wearable tailored outerwear that can be comfortably used in warm weather.

A key theme of the “Iswara” collection is Linean’s continuous interest in the idea of neutral colors with reworked tailoring and exaggerated silhouettes. Although some may avoid wearing oversized clothes during warm weather, Linean provides breathability within their pieces by incorporating a warp knit details with a weft injection of linen which results in fabric that walks the fine line between breathability and being non-transparent. Take a look at Linean’s “Iswara” collection here.

Linean Provides Aesthetic Linen Garments With Their Iswara Collection
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