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Established by the spirit of its local people who are skillful in creating pieces of art by using the local resources provided by the surroundings, PALA Nusantara is Indonesian wood and leather accessories label that promotes design values in each of their crafted products. Exclusively designed for their customers with a unique yet classy personality, PALA offers a different perspective in appreciating the beauty of Indonesian unique cultures without taking out a good quality and originality for granted. Mainly inspired by the beautiful culture of Indonesia, each of their products are well crafted in minimal and neutral design without any ornaments.

Recently the label has released their latest timepiece called “PALA Hitam” as a new addition to their PALA Watch collection. Inspired by Indonesia’s rare Cemani Rooster, the brand has transformed their classic PALA Watch into an all black elegant timepiece which carries a unique combination of 40% modern process utilizing CNC and persisted by 60% manual craftsmanship. The timepiece also features a bold and sleek design, wooden case and black-finished leather strap that comes along with a hidden logo. Take a look at the details of “PALA Hitam” in the gallery above and head over to their website for more information.

PALA Nusantara Supports The Rich Culture Of Indonesia With Its Bold Timepiece Collection
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