images by Kevin Kristhian

Pijak Bumi has built a strong foundation in putting up a more sustainable option for footwear with natural materials handcrafted to match the modern streetwear style with a delicate touch.

The White Atlas Slip On is made with eccentric figures of the grainy kenaf-linens and a natural crepe rubber sole that gives a rather surprising comfortable feeling in an urban environment. With a soft padded insole, every step feels like a cozy walk on top of your bed. The little blue and red canvas strap on the back also gives a hint of character that’s distinctive from just another pair of shoe.

images by Kevin Kristhian

While it’s definitely a fun combination to play with your style, the cleaning process is quite backhanded. If you’re not walking this pair in a clean setting, the sole will definitely pick up all the dirt and dust and it’s quite hard to clean.

But, as Pijak Bumi has pointed out, each material has a unique characteristic that will show your own story. “A process that will define your own unique artwork through your own choices. You are in control.”

Pijak Bumi's White Atlas Slip-On is Spot On yet Hard to Clean
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