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We have always adored him for his breakthrough governance, spontaneity, and assertiveness in running the country. Our unrelenting admiration continue to expand as Joko Widodo and his family visited Toko Kopi TUKU and expressed his appreciation and support for Indonesian-made brands. Him, the First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo, his son Kaesang Pangarep, and daughter Kahiyang Ayu enjoyed their there immensely while sipping the Kopi Susu Tetangga at the Cipete outlet.

Tuku’s owner Andanu Prasetyo or better known as Tyo greeted him personally. As they were discussing Tyo’s ongoing coffee business and of course, all things coffee, Jokowi delivered a statement of appreciation of local brands similar to and including TUKU.

“I truly appreciate these kind of local brands, successful traditional brands that are initiated and developed by youngsters,” said Jokowi during his visit.

Jokowi and the First Lady also praised the variety of coffee that TUKU offers and the use of Indonesian coffee beans as the main ingredient in TUKU’s products. It feels great to see his apprehension and hear the supportive appreciation by President Jokowi on the rising local brands and industry. As you may know, our president is dope so check out his Vlog to see the first person experience of his TUKU visit.

Visiting TUKU, President Joko Widodo Ensures His Support for Local Brands
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