In Indonesia, you can often see bikers who ride their motorcycles while calling somebody with their phones attached on their helmets. This is not only inconvenient but also risky as it will make bikers prone to be involved in road accidents. Therefore, ZULU stepped in to solve this problem by creating the ZULU Bluetooth Helmet. The cutting-edge feature is an optional addition which can be fitted on their regular helmets.

Despite being an additional option, the feature is recommended and suitable for you who need to take a lot of calls even when you are on the move. The waterproof helmet is equipped with a handy feature which is a Hands-free Built-in Microphone with Noise Cancellation and Voice Command. Alongside the helmet, they also have the Carbon-activated Facemasks with its capability to increase the level of pollution exposure reduction compared to regular masks. Check out their webpage to place your orders or if you just want to take a look.

ZULU Applies Technological Advancement on Their Riding Gears
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