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Popcon Asia / Pop Culture Convention Asia is the biggest festival in Indonesia regarding comics, toys, games, films and anime by local and international creators. The grand festival aims to develop and give exposure to Indonesian local creators. The theme for Popcon Asia’s 6th festival is ‘POP PARADE’.

On August 5th until 6th last week, well-known guest stars like Power Rangers cast (Yoshi Sudarso, Peter Sudarso and Walter Jones), Gavan cast (Kenji Ohba and Yuma Ishigaki), and the Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) manga author, Tohru Fujisawa gave talk shows and took part in photo and signing sessions. There were also game launching by Gameloft, parades, workshops, and Pop Connect.

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This year at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), they exhibited an appreciable amount of local creator works like Si Juki, Kosmik, Webtoon, Komik Ga Jelas, and many more. Aside from those, the festivity was enlivened by a cover dance performance and a K-pop musical by Kocca. And of course, what is Popcon without a cosplay competition. The venue was packed with cosplayers from Spiderman, Wonder Woman to Sailor Moon.

Popcon Asia 2017: Their 6th Festival at Jakarta Convention Center
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