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In a highly-congested city of Jakarta where the number of cars have increased by one million units in the last two years, searching for a parking space at office buildings or malls can be a nightmare, especially during rush hour and weekends. Nonetheless, in order to reduce the problem, PT Smark Indo Maxima came up with the ‘Smark Parking‘ application where you can reserve and pre-book parking spaces on your destinations. You can check out their Instagram here.

It is currently available only on Grand Indonesia where you can book the spot through the app that can be downloaded from Google Play and Apps Store. The booking fee is IDR 40k, however the parking charge isn’t included. Quite expensive but when you are in a hurry or tired of wandering around for 30 minutes looking for a parking spot, it is helpful. Especially when valet parking service is not completely reliable as our personal belongings are liable to be stolen or damaged by the person in charge of our car keys. So for a better service, we are waiting for further area coverage with more malls and office buildings.

Smark Parking Helps You Reduce One of Your Many Problems
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