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On July 22nd, Solo-based brand Trooper Custom posted a short video directed by Azcha Tobing on Instagram. It shows Jakarta at its most quiet and vacant state. Introducing their new customized ‘space helmets’ Astro and X-9 with motorcycles by Tole Motorworks Company, they ride in the dark with almost nobody else in their vicinity. The director states on the caption:

“What I stand for is what I stand on. And good planets are hard to find, don’t blow it!”

Lyrics and song by Odesza – Corners of the Earth set the outer space vibe as the riders zoom on an empty road in slow motion. The concept surrounding the film is surreal as they portray beneath the surface side of Jakarta, where it is not always packed with traffic on busy roads. A moment where Jakarta is not its usual self, before the break of dawn.

Check out the video below and experience Jakarta through their eyes.

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Trooper Custom x Tole Motorworks present ‘Outer Space’ Video by Azcha Tobing
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