We figure most of you already watched the latest Adidas Originals campaign released earlier this year shown above. Here is the third installment which released just a month ago.

The two ads featured Stormzy, Snoop Dogg, 21 Savage, Playboy Carti and the newly-signed Kendall Jenner to name a few. They also featured a remixed modern version of Frank Sinatra’s My Way, done magnificently by Human Music Company. The campaign itself portrayed the idea of originality as a work in progress, hence the name Original is Never Finished. These ads earned Entertainment for Music Grand Prix, hats off to Johannes Leonardo for creating these masterpieces.We felt nothing but chill down our spines after watching the videos. They were perfect and visually striking, arguably one of the best ads we’ve seen in 2017.

Recently, Adidas Indonesia has released the localized version of it just 5 days ago on their Instagram page that you can see below.

Featuring Jennifer Bachdim, Andredian Bimo, Ganindra Bimo and Vidi Aldiano impersonated the pose of the Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci similar to the global video. Aside from the execution, which is not as sharp as the the global one, there’s another odd thing that caught our attention. Yes, there was this one particular guy that did not seem to fit in there, and we hate to say it but we are on the netizen’s side on this one. You will understand what we’re trying to say when you read the comment section of the video.

Although the 30 seconds video did not exactly deliver the message, we are hoping that it could at least be a teaser for something big that they may come up with very soon. Because you know, original is never finished. And maybe it’s not really finished for Adidas Indonesia. What do you think about this video? Tell us about it.

The Local Version of Adidas’ Campaign: Original is Never Finished
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