Last week we got a chance to experience one of the classes held by Indoestri Makerspace. This time we joined the Denim Work Short Making, led by Zulfiqar Yahya – a denim specialist as well as the founder of Batavia Jeans Studio. The class was intended to those who have desire to know more about the manufacturing process and learn to make your own denim shorts from scratch. It was meant for beginners or everyone who has zero experience in the field.

Started at 10AM, we were taught on how to create our own work short from the very beginning. Start from apply the pattern on to the fabric, and then cut it into several pieces and finally assemble the pieces together using all the machines provided, such as electric cloth cutter, manual hand-press machine, lockstitch sewing machine and triple-stitch sewing machine. Fiqar really did a great job in teaching everyone, from giving example on how it should be done to explaining the history and the functions of every component of the pants; makes the class very interesting and easy to understand. Everyone seemed to enjoy their time, and after about 6 hours of work we finally finished our own denim pants, and we couldn’t be happier and prouder of the result.

Indoestri Makerspace provides One-Day Workshops every Saturday with a wide variety of class topics, such as leather-working, wood-working, metal-working, tapestry-weaving, jewelry-making, urban-farming and so much more. Their goal is to provide the resources and educations for creative minds to make, invent and explore without boundaries, and of course not to only appreciate the result, but also the hard work and the process of every little thing. The ‘Self-Made’ spirit, which was initiated by Leonard Theosabrata – the founder of Indoestri, is expressed here for all the learners, makers and all kind of creative people involved. If you’re into the industry, let’s just take some free time to join one of their classes. The intense and intimate learning process that you spend with them might change your way of thinking on how you run your business or even how to start your own. Be sure to check their upcoming classes by checking their Instagram and sign up for the one you’re interested in through their website.

Denim Work Short Making: a Class by Indoestri Makerspace
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