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Lawless Burgerbar is the 4th addition to Lawless’ main business after clothing, motorcycle workshop and record label. Just like any other Lawless’ businesses, it was heavily influenced by rock & roll and heavy metal. From the name of the food, the ambience of the place, their cups, napkins and other utensils – which was exquisitely designed by Angga Reza – to their everyday playlist. We can guarantee that there has never been a burger joint in South Jakarta where you can listen to the songs of heavy metal bands while you munch on your food and chug your beer. For metal heads, eating here will feel just like home.

We got a chance to talk with 2 of the 4 founders, Arian Tigabelas from Seringai and Medhina Indra from Penny Jakarta. Arian told us that the only reason they decided to make this business is simply because they like it. He also added that at first, he was hesitant to make a burger joint with their heavy culture because he thought that it was too extreme for most people. But after operating for 1 month he felt relieved because turns out everyone loves it. This place has this distinctive vibe to it, it is really fun and we can experience a whole different culture than we used to see, hear and feel. This is something new for us and we really appreciate it.

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Their signature burger would be the Lemmy (yes, it’s a reference to Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead), a double-patty burger completed with beef bacon, beef brisket, cheese, onion string topped with a sunny side up. Another favorite would be the Sabbath Burger (named after the British rock band Black Sabbath), a classic cheese burger with caramelized onion that will surely whet your appetite. The side dishes are worth mentioning too, such as the Jalapenostic Front (named after Agnostic Front) which is french fries with slices of Jalapeno and cheese, and the Chick of it All (named after the hardcore punk band Sick of it All), a big portion of chicken chunks bathed in salted-egg sauce. Medhi, also one of the founders of Carne Smokehouse in Cipete and Okane Steak House in Pantai Indah Kapuk, is the one who responsible for the menu, the taste and the quality. Arian wasn’t exaggerating when he explained how they’ve done so many trials and errors until they amazed with the end products.

Yeah, our burger is so great it should be illegal.”, said Arian while laughing.

Lawless Burgerbar can be found at Jalan Kemang Selatan VIII no. 67H, right next to Lawless Store and right across Stockroom: Trade & Dishes. They open everyday from 11AM until 10PM on weekdays and 11PM on weekends. We really recommend you to try this joint and be ready to leave your healthy food behind.

Lawless Burgerbar: Burger Feast While Head Banging to the Tune of Heavy Metal
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