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When the market is full with brands that are highly inspired by Native American jewelry, Lucroux offers something different to the market with their Pilot Project.

Lucroux is a delicate contemporary jewelry hailing from Bandung, exploring the combination between sterling silver with other exceptional materials, most notably freshwater pearls. They aim to give a unique touch in simplicity of their designs. Patinated silver is their signature material, and as times goes by, the patinated piece will turn its color to a random shade depending on their usage, age, and/or humidity.

The collection is available for men and women, consists of rings, bangles and earrings. The highlight would be the Fort Bangle for the masculine selection and the Peregrine Collar Set for the feminine one. Each article was designed based on their personal interpretation of a modern culture. All things considered, they really cater the need to those who prefer a flamboyant, clean aesthetic look of a jewelry.

Check Lucroux’s page here, and if you prefer the more rugged yet complex design, we suggest you to check this or this out.

Reflecting Simplicity with Lucroux’ Patinated Silver
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