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Keeping the denim scene alive, Bandung-based streetwear brand Vearst Jeans recently dropped their newest collection dubbed ‘Mild Low Club’. Consisting of pullover hoodies, denim kimono, t-shirts, denim overall, and pullover sweaters, Vearst Jeans maintains their vintage denim youth culture concept. The denim kimono in this collection is quite sidestream yet the silhouette is applicable to the casual day-to-day style. Running since 2010, Mario Panji Prasetya and Henry Arfiandy have big plans for the brand as they are planning to open their official store next year.

Priced from 100k – 1 million, Vearst Jeans keeps their articles sharp on each new collection. Slide to their Instagram for more deets.

Vearst Jeans’ Newest '17 Drop ‘Mild Low Club’
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