The ongoing battle between these two tech giants will heat up again as both release their most advanced flagship smartphones in a close timespan. Samsung came first with the introduction of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple followed by releasing the iPhone 8 alongside with their 10th anniversary product, iPhone X.

Samsung is the first one who makes the move and goes all out for the Galaxy Note 8. It is like a revival moment to redeem their past mistakes of the explosive Galaxy Note 7. It adopts Samsung’s new signature design which is infinity display, 6GB of RAM, dual 12MP camera, more refined S-Pen, IP 68 dust and waterproof, and many other improvements. Definitely a sweet comeback as it has received many positive reviews from the critics.

However, Apple won’t let their biggest competitor to enjoy that comeback as they tackle it with the release of not just one but two new iPhones. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X (ten). We can put aside the iPhone 8 and X for now.

The regular iPhone 8 isn’t necessarily the proper competitor of the Note 8. Meanwhile for the iPhone X, it sure has the infinity screen just like Note 8 but this is about the battle of the eights. Not to mention, the not-so-good reviews about the X.

The iPhone 8 Plus offers brand new chipset A11 Bionic, regular 5.5 inch screen, 3GB of RAM, dual 12MP camera, IP 67 dust and water resistant, and some other features from the previous 7 Plus. Despite some minor differences, the specifications are pretty similar to Note 8. The Apple fans are also very enthusiastic.

Samsung Indonesia has officially released the Galaxy Note 8 while there is still no information about the release of the holy trinity of the iPhones. It also marks the start of the classic Apple vs. Samsung battle. Some says that the Galaxy Note 8 is the best Galaxy Note ever. Even describes it as an ‘absolute beast.’

Surprisingly, on the Apple side things aren’t quite good. Many critics claim that the improvements are not that apparent and distinguishable. It is improved and holds the usual iPhone quality. It gets the job done but the technological development isn’t as massive as Note 8’s. Not to mention the recent development on a case about iPhone 8 splitting open.

The tension between the two sides of the fans have also been increasing. Several people say that Note 8’s price is ridiculously expensive for an Android. On the other side, the abnormally expensive iPhone price has been the main criticism. The typical complains of iPhone’s accessories availability and durability have resurfaced and heavily scrutinized.

So after all the reviews and considerations, which one is your favorite? Let us know by hitting us up on our social medias.

The Battle of the Eights: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. iPhone 8 Plus
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