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Bandung-based streetwear brand Vacanseas has just dropped their newest collection ‘Artificial Bliss’. Founded by Wanda Sakul, Rizky Alfa, Ibnu Herlambang, and Deva Mahenra back in 2016, Vacanseas is short for Vacation Overseas which concept derives from urban people’s ‘trip’ experiences. Consisting of timeless silhouettes of long and short sleeves t-shirts, caps, and hoodies, Artificial Bliss is a manifestation of urban youngsters’ short escape or ‘vacation’ from reality in big cities.

Price ranging from IDR 145.000 for t-shirts and IDR 315.000 for hoodies, Vacanseas have plans to collaborate, but they’re keeping quiet about it. Trip on their collab surprise on Instagram.

Check Out Vacanseas’ ‘Artificial Bliss’ for a Trip Overseas
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