Oktofi Andri, also known as Bamen by his closest friends, is a 26 years old guy with so many stories to tell. He was the one in charge of Training and Development for The Goods Dept for 4 years, and once filled the position for the Boutique Manager of Time International’s concept store Project X. Earlier this year, he decided to leave his old jobs and even his hometown behind to start a new social project called ‘Di Langit Masih Ada Harapan.’

He started it from the bottom, just like most of other things he has done before. The name of the project was inspired by the quote from his mom when he and his family was struck by financial issue that made him experience a downward spiral. Andri said that it was that quote that gave him motivation and made him not giving up on life, and that motivation is what he wants to share.

This project offers bracelets and necklaces made with various gemstones completed with many pendants of your choice. He also can decorate your goods with his gemstones, making it more unique and interesting. What differentiates this project with other brand is how you do the transaction; you can just pay him with any amount you desire, and in return, you have to give him your own personal quote. All the quotes from his customers will be shared to kids in eastern Indonesia, where he will be doing his social activity with Indonesia Belajar. Join his cause by buying his products here.

Di Langit Masih Ada Harapan: A Social Project by Oktofi Andri
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