Anindito Wisnu — a 28 year illustrator from Bandung has been known worldwide for his talent in illustrating women who he finds beautiful. It all started when he fell in love with a girl and thought to impress her by making sketches of her. Since then, it’s become Anin’s habit to appreciate the beauty of women through his illustrations.

Only by using a paper and wooden pencil, he manages to produce a number of perfect realistic drawings. First, he focuses heavily on the resemblances of the face, and then he explores his technique – producing water color effects by only using pencil, then finally digitally colors it using Photoshop.

Aside from drawing beautiful women around the world, he also created a poetry-based visual artwork for Indonesian local brand Moral, a tour poster for Norwegian singer Aurora, an official merchandise design for original Netflix series Narcos and many more. Lately, his work was featured for Darren Aronofsky’s latest movie Mother! as a promotional content – showcased in Arclight Cinemas, Hollywood. Not to mention that he was selected out of the three artists from Asia and the only artist picked out from Indonesia. To explore more of his artworks, go check his Instagram page.

Get to Know Anindito Wisnu and His Alluring Drawing
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