Jakarta-based rock unit .Feast have officially released their debut album MULTIVERSES on 20th September 2017. It contains 11 tracks and will be physically released in a Compact Disc format in limited stock under the umbrella of Leeds Records and distributed digitally on streaming services with the help of Karma Records.

.Feast has also previously released two tracks from the album, Wives of Gojira and Sectumsempra on YouTube, both as a music and lyric video, respectively.

This band, which consists of Ryo Bodat (drums), Adnan S.P. (guitar), Baskara Putra (vocals & synth), Dicky Renanda (guitar) and F. Fikriawan (bass) garnered some help from well-known and uprising collaborators alike in the local music scene, such as Bam Mastro (Elephant Kind), Karaeng Adjie (Polka Wars), Mardial, Oscar Lolang and Bin Idris to bring out multiple elements and genre-defying sounds—from RnB and hip-hop to folk and gospel in their debut album.

Physical copies of MULTIVERSES, which pre-order session ran out of stock under one week, is going to be re-released in a ready stock manner very shortly. Listen to their songs on Spotify and keep an eye on their Instagram for more info.

MULTIVERSES by .Feast has officially released
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